Guided package installation

Follow these steps if you want to install the pre-packaged address book from PyPI. (This is the preferred way of the installation.)


icemac.addressbook can’t be installed directly using easy_install or pip, you have to follow these simple steps.

Neither you need any root privileges nor it installs anything outside its directory.

Installation steps:

  1. Create a virtualenv using:

    $ virtualenv-2.7 addressbook
  2. Change into the directory of the virtualenv using:

    $ cd addressbook
  3. Install the installation script using:

    $ bin/pip install icemac.install.addressbook
  4. Start the installation

    • call:

      $ bin/install-addressbook VERSION_NUMBER
    • VERSION_NUMBER can be omitted to install the latest version or should be replaced by the desired version.

  5. Answer the questions about admin user name, password and so on.

  6. Change into the installation directory using:

    $ cd current
  7. Run the tests

  8. Run the application

  9. Log-in into the application

  10. Operations tips for the application


This installation variant installs the following a cron jobs:

  • at each reboot start the address book
  • each week pack the database
  • each day create a backup of the database

You may want to add MAILTO=you@your.domain (replaching you@your.domain with your e-mail address) to recive reports from the cron jobs.