Upgrade installation from manual to guided installation variantΒΆ

The following steps are necessary to upgrade an installation made with the deprecated manual installation method to the recent Guided package installation method.

  1. Install virtualenv, see Prerequisites.

  2. Make a new installation as described in Guided package installation. Including the creation of a new virtualenv. The answers to the questions about user name etc. do not matter. But using the same eggs directory speeds up the process. Do not try to migrate the old address book content to the new instance, yet.

  3. Change into the installation directory using:

    $ cd current
  4. Remove the buildout.cfg created by the installation process:

    $ rm buildout.cfg
  5. To run the migration

    • call:

      $ ../bin/python2.7 install.py PATH_TO_PREVIOUS_ADDRESSBOOK_INSTALLATION
    • PATH_TO_PREVIOUS_ADDRESSBOOK_INSTALLATION has to be replaced with the path to the installation directory of the address book (the one created when extracting the source distribution).

    • The questions during the installation should be pre-filled with the values from your previous installation.

    • Make sure to allow to migrate the old address book content to the new instance when asked during the installation process.

  6. Run the tests

  7. Run the application

  8. Log-in into the application

  9. If the installation was successful you can remove the old installation.