Update guided package installationΒΆ

This steps can be applied if you installed via Guided package installation.

  1. Switch to the directory you created for the address book, in Guided package installation it was suggested to call it addressbook:

    $ cd addressbook
  2. Update the installer package using:

    $ bin/pip install -U icemac.install.addressbook
  3. Start the update

    • using:

      $ bin/install-addressbook VERSION_NUMBER
    • VERSION_NUMBER can be omitted to install the latest version.

  4. Answer the questions about admin user name, password and so on, they should be pre-filled with the values of the previous installation.

    If the upgrade procedure breaks with an error, first try to upgrade to the next major version (first digit of the version number) which comes after your current version.

  5. Start the new instance of the application as described in Run the application.

  6. You might archive the previous version

    • by calling:

      $ bin/archive-addressbook VERSION_NUMBER
    • Where VERSION_NUMBER is the version number of the previous version.

    • It creates an archive of the installation folder and removes the installation folder afterwards.