User management


Access to the address book is only granted after authentication. There are five roles to authorize a user:

  • visitor: visit all person’s data, search and export, change own password
  • editor: permissions of visitor and additionally edit all person’s data, delete resp. archive persons, change own log-in name
  • archive visitor: visit persons and their data in the archive, change own password
  • archivist: permissions of archive visitor plus ability to un-archive persons.
  • administrator: permissions of editor and additionally create and change of address books, master data and users

Create new users

Users are persons from the address book augmented by log-in information.

To create the first new user inside an address book the administrator has to log-in and then do the following:

  1. Create a new person with an e-mail address using the Add person link.
  2. Create a new user using Master data —> Users —> Add user.

The newly created user has now a log-in (e-mail address) for the address book the person belongs to.