• multi-client capability
  • user and role management
  • Completely translated into German, and easily translatable into other languages.
  • Optimized for the following browsers: Firefox, Safari.
  • Calendar via icemac.ab.calendar.


  • store data of persons including postal address, phone number, e-mail address, home page address and files
  • add custom data fields to persons and addresses in the master data area of the web user interface
  • change the order of the fields of persons and addresses
  • assign keywords to persons
  • import data from XLS (Excel) or CSV files (via icemac.ab.importer resp. icemac.ab.importxls)
  • archive persons

Search & Export

  • search for persons by keywords and names
  • export persons found using a search as XLS file
  • export iCal calender file of the birth dates of persons
  • update a single field of multiple persons as returned by a search (multi-update)


  • 100 % test coverage of the program code including all possible program execution branches
  • The data storage is an object database (ZODB); so no additional database is required.